The Year of Writing

📅 01 Jan 2021 📍 North Kuta, Bali 🖊️

Committing to a new year’s resolution is not easy, especially if you set very specific goals and key results. Commit to a new year’s theme instead. Because it’s vague, you can alter the key results while staying in theme.

On that note, I declare my 2021 The Year of Writing. Why? Because writing is powerful, and I desperately need it. I am not a really nostalgic person, but looking back won’t hurt, in fact, it will give me a better perspective of how far I’ve come. I’m also aware that I didn’t write enough at work, especially with regards to documenting codes and architectural decisions.

Sure the entropy of an isolated system will only increase, and despite all the best efforts of immortalizing ideas and moments in time, everything will come to a cold end, but it would be a sin if I don’t try.

Write more docs?

Write more tutorials?

Write more essays?

Write more grateful letters?

Write whatever.

Write. Write. Write.

Oh, I almost forgot: Happy New Year! And may you have better luck this year!