👋 Welcome to Programming & Lollygagging, a weblog by Ukaza Perdana.

I make software to bring joy to others. I am a rubyist who have extensive knowledge of web app development. I write web scrapers and automation scripts for fun and/or profit.

I'm a senior software developer (backend) at Melalie in Bali, Indonesia (check it out, it's awesome). Previously I worked at Jurnal as a full-stack web developer. I am NOT open to new job opportunities at the moment.

My foray into the world of programming started when I was in middle school, where I made my calculator using VB6. Along the way, I learned x86, Pascal, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Python before using Ruby professionally. Initially I was considering a career in game development, however, I settled on web development after watching Ted Nelson's lectures on his vision of interconnected information. In the future, I hope to develop my hobbyist operating system.

I was born, raised, and schooled in Kediri, East Java. I speak Indonesian, Javanese, English, and a bit of Hokkien.

When I don't code, I play video games, watch indie movies, listen to metal, hike, or sleep.


Email: h…@u…p.space

Public key: B472 C79B E915 3059